Saki Arima
有馬 早希
Arima Saki
 Gender Female
 Age Unknown
 Status Deceased
 Relatives Kousei Arima (son)
Takahiko Arima (husband)
 Occupation Tutor, Pianist
 Japanese Voice Mamiko Noto
 English Voice Wendee Lee
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 1

Saki Arima was the mother of Kousei Arima. She was a well-known pianist across Japan before her death, that would severely affect Kousei's playing style for the next two years, because of the way she treats Kousei Arima in his past.


Saki Arima was usually depicted sitting in a wheelchair. She had short down to shoulder length brown hair, and has brown eyes. In some parts, she is seen with nasal canulla used to deliver supplemental oxygen for her illness.


Saki is Kousei's mother who inspires Kousei to play the piano. While she did not plan to make Kousei a pianist at first, her realization of Kousei's talents and her own illness made her decide to give Kousei a foundation in playing piano in order to be able to find his own style, and make a living, afterwards. She died before Kousei's qualification to what supposedly was his first competition.