Gender Male
 Birthday N/A
 Age 15
 Status Alive
 Occupation Student
 Japanese Voice Kazuyuki Okitsu
 English Voice Robbie Daymond
 Manga Chapter 7
 Anime Episode 5

Saitou (斎藤 Saitou?) is a minor character in the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso series.


Saitou has neatly trimmed dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He can be seen wearing his school uniform throughout the series.


According to Tsubaki Sawabe, Saitou is hot, dependable, and admired by many girls. Tsubaki also states that she has a crush on him. Throughout the anime, he maintains a friendly and outgoing personality. He is understanding and did not get jealous even though Tsubaki constantly rant and talk about Kousei Arima. Later on in the anime, he broke up with Tsubaki, stating he likes the manager of his baseball club, and that both of them are too alike to be in a relationship. Though it is likely that he broke up because he didn't want to see Tsubaki suffer.

Apparently, he had a crush on Tsubaki, though it is not known when he started having a crush on her.


Saitou has a passion for baseball and was the captain of Tatsusumi Middle School's baseball team. After graduating, he joined his high school's baseball club.


Saitou was the former captain of Tatsusumi Middle School's baseball team before he graduated. It is likely that his crush on Tsubaki was developed in middle school.


  • (To Tsubaki Sawabe) "You and I... We should be with the people who are the total opposite, probably."[1]




  1. Anime: Episode 15: Liar

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