Hiroko Seto
瀬戸 紘子
Seto Hiroko
 Gender Female
 Status Alive
 Family Koharu Seto (Daughter)
Unnamed Husband
Kousei Arima (Ward)
 Occupation Pianist, Tutor
 Japanese Voice Mie Sonozaki
 English Voice Carrie Keranen
 Anime Episode 9

Hiroko Seto is Kousei Arima's mentor and was a close friend of Saki Arima. She is a renowned pianist in Japan.


Hiroko Seto is a tall and athletically framed woman who initially had long black hair prior to the start of the series but had it cut it short some time after Saki died. She was seen taking care of Saki Arima before her death.


Upbeat and exuberant on the outside, Hiroko Seto is actually a warm-hearted and sensitive person who cares for Arima after he decides to begin to play the piano once again. She also partly feels guilty for pushing Saki to make Kousei into a pianist, pushing him into a corner. But all in all, she supports Arima in all his decisions and is always there for him.


With her occupation as a pianist and tutor, Seto Hiroko has the ability to guide, inspire, and relieve students' stress and stage fright before competitions. Though not most talented, she seems to have the capability to inspire and support people like Kousei Arima (ward), Nagi Aiza (ward's student/sudden partner -once-), and Koharu Seto (daughter).


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Saki Arima "The piano is you. If you touch it gently, it will smile. If you touch it with force, it will become enraged"
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