Hikaru Nara
English Hikaru Nara
Kanji 光るなら
Romaji Hikaru nara
Single Info
Artist Goose house
Number of Tracks 4 (Standard)
5 (Special)
Anime Info
Theme Type Opening
Used from Episode 01: Monotone/Colorful
Used until Episode 11: Light of Life

"Hikaru Nara (光るなら Hikaru nara?, Lit: "If We Shine") is the first opening theme of the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso anime adaptation. The opening first made it's debut alongside the first episode of the anime on October 9, 2014.

Track ListEdit

Standard ReleaseEdit

Track No. Track Name Japanese Length Preview
01 Hikaru Nara 光るなら 4:14
02 Fuyu No Epilogue 冬のエピローグ 5:30
03 Hikaru Nara -Instrumental- 光るなら - Instrumental- 4:09
04 Fuyu No Epilogue -Instrumental- 冬のエピローグ -Instrumental-

Special EditionEdit

Track No. Track Name Japanese Length Preview
01 Hikaru Nara 光るなら 4:14
02 Fuyu No Epilogue 冬のエピローグ 5:30
03 Hikaru Nara -TV Size- 光るなら -TV Size- 1:35
04 Hikaru Nara -Instrumental- 光るなら -Instrumental- 4:09
05 Hikaru Nara -Music Video- 光るなら -Music Video- N/A

VideoEdit link to the lyric video.




  • The song is played by Kousei on his cellphone several times in the first episode as he transcribes it.
  • Several plot elements are revealed through the opening.
    • Kaori only had her eyes open when she was looking at Kousei.
    • At one point in the opening Kousei is shown holding a feather and the next shot is of Kousei holding Kaori, later in the series Kousei is carrying Kaori on his back and says she's "as light as a feather".
    • In every group shot in the opening, Kaori is always positioned to be the closest to Kousei.
    • In the first shots in the opening that introduce each main character Kaori is shown first and hogging the spotlight with Kousei looking at her from behind as if he likes her (and he does,) Kousei is seen next as he awkwardly straightens up and in the background Tsubaki is seen peering over her shoulder to look at Kousei because she likes him, Tsubaki's shot is nothing special and in Watari's shot Kaori is starts hogging the spotlight again by jumping around and she falls, which is the disease she develops throughout the series.
    • When the chorus of the song plays and shows Kousei and Kaori doing their performance, the scene moves into Heaven and in the last episode this same thing happens. It's at this point when, spoiler, Kaori dies whereas in the opening instead of showing her die Kaori just presses her lips like she's hushing to keep her death a secret until the end of the series.



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