Gray Skies
English Gray Skies
Kanji どんてんもよう
Romaji Donten moyō
Episode info
Air Date November 6, 2014
Episode 05
Chapter(s) Chapter 07: Gray Skies
Opening Hikaru Nara
Ending Kirameki
Episode chronology
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The Journey On the Way Home
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"Gray Skies" (どんてんもよう Donten moyō?) is the fifth episode of the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso anime adaptation. It first aired in Japan on November 6, 2014.


The trio of childhood friends, Tsubaki, Watari, and Kousei rush into a hospital room. Kaori has been hospitalized, following her performance in the competition. Because they stopped playing at one point, Kousei and Kaori have been disqualified from advancing to the final round. Yet Kaori hasn't said a word of reproach to Kousei...which makes Kousei feel even worse. "Have you been playing the piano?" "Do you think you'll be able to forget?" Kaori's questions haunt him relentlessly. Several days later, Kousei spots Kaori, who is back at school after being discharged from the hospital. He wonders whether he should speak to her or not, but then sees that Watari is by her side. Don't get the wrong idea, Kousei tells himself. But he runs into her yet again on his way home from school that day. That's when Kaori implores him to enter a piano competition.


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"The piano is just a part of you, but in that moment... it was your universe." Kaori Miyazono

"You and I, we have music in our bones." Kaori Miyazono

"Everything you say and do, all of it sparkles so brightly. Sometimes... I can't even look. That's how brightly you shine." Kousei Arima

"You're talk like you're the only one whose ever choked. We're all just faking it, some of us better than others, but you put your music on the stand and play anyhow because that's the way you tell the most beautiful lie of them all." Kaori Miyazono

"That moment when my music touched them... I'll never forget that feeling!" Kousei Arima



Saki Arima "The piano is you. If you touch it gently, it will smile. If you touch it with force, it will become enraged"
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