Friend A
English Friend A
Kanji 友人A
Romaji Yūjin A
Episode info
Air Date October 16, 2014
Episode 02
Chapter(s) Chapter 02: A Violinist's Love
Chapter 03: Black Cat
Opening Hikaru Nara
Ending Kirameki
Insert Song Violin Sonata No. 9 "Kreutzer" 1st Movement (Beethoven)
Episode chronology
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Monotone/Colorful Inside Spring
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"Friend A" (友人A Yūjin A?) is the second episode of the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso anime adaptation. It first aired in Japan on October 16, 2014.


Kousei agrees to go along with the group and they head to a concert hall where a violin contest is being carried out. The audience notices Arima, who was a popular child prodigist when he enters the auditorium. The competition starts, but has already gained boredom among the audience with the set piece “Kreutzer” being played over and over again, but soon it was Kaori’s turn. She was completely different from the other contestants and had a way that ended up being something they’ve never seen. Kaori refused to follow the score of the original piece, resulting in a song of her own. After her performance, she rushes to Ryota Watari. It was just like a scene cut out of a movie. Starring the hero and heroine of a love scene and Arima transversing the feeling of acting the role of "friend A".


Kousei, Tsubaki, and Watari arrive at the Towa Hall to watch Kaori's performance which ends up being completely unlike anything else they've seen. She goes off and plays on her own, leaving the accompanist behind, infuriating the judges, who disqualify her for changing her set piece and making it her own. Kaori finishes her performance, and earns a standing ovation from the crowd. When the preliminary round finishes, and the results are posted on the notice board, Kaori is revealed to be the audience choice, therefore letting her succeed to the next round.

Major eventsEdit

  • This is the first time Kaori is seen playing the violin.

Music playedEdit

  • 00:01-00:32 ぼくの住んでいる街はカラフルに色付いている[Boku no Sunde Iru Machi wa Colorful] by 横山克
  • 02:55-03:14 あなたの職場 [Anata no Shokuba] by 横山克
  • Violin Sonata No. 9, Op. 47 "Kreutzer" by Ludwig van Beethoven
    • Adagio sostenuto - Presto
  • 11:38-13:01 彼女は美しい [Kanojo wa Utsukushii] by 横山克
  • 13:57-15:40 まるで映画のワンシーンのように [Maru de Eiga no One Scene no you ni] by 横山克
  • 15:57-16:21 春の香り[Haru no Koari] by 横山克
  • 18:02-18:17 ゆるすまじ盗撮魔 [Yurusumaji Tousatsuma] by 横山克
  • 18:42-19:44 君は春の中にいる [Kimi wa Haru no Naka ni Iru] by 横山克
  • 19:51-20:03 暴力上等 [Bouryoku Joutou] by 横山克
  • 20:13-21:19 君は忘れられるの [Kimi wa Wasurerareru no] by 横山克



"The music I create here... is it going to reach them?" Kaori Miyazono

"It's Beethoven's Kreutzer, but this piece no longer belongs to him. Here and now, she owns it." Kousei Arima

"This girl... she's beautiful." Kousei Arima

"I would never have a chance with a girl like her." Kousei Arima

"Cute girls have crushes too man, just like the rest of us, and because she's in love, she's even cuter to you, so you fall for her, even knowing it's not going to happen." Watari Ryota

"I think that's up to the girl to decide." Watari Ryota

"He saw right through me. Maybe I'm not myself..." Kousei Arima

"I wanna hear her play again... but then I don't.” Kousei Arima



Kousei, Kaori, Watari and Tsubaki make their way to Towa Hall


Competition-goers recognise Kousei from two years ago


“Elohim Essaim, Elohim Essaim, I implore you.”


“This is your workplace.” Kousei’s flashback, upon entering the Towa Hall


“It’s the Kreutzer...but it’s no longer Beethoven’s.”


The judge gets angry with Kaori, after she changes up the piece to make it her own


Kaori ends her performance


Kaori appoints Kousei as Watari’s substitute


Kaori earns a standing ovation from the audience


Saki Arima "The piano is you. If you touch it gently, it will smile. If you touch it with force, it will become enraged"
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