English Snow
Romaji Yuki
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Chapter 41
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English February 24, 2015
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Snow (Yuki ,雪) is the 41st chapter of the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso manga.

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Emi Igawa and Takeshi Aiza are practicing relentlessly for the Eastern Japan Piano Contest. However, Kousei is not, the effects of Kaori's condition worsening are severely implicating Kousei. Hiroko Seto finds Kousei Arima curled in a ball in his room, almost like a replay of what happened after Saki Arima died. Kousei repeats over and over that he can't play piano anymore. When Kousei goes to school the next day, he finds a note from Kaori Miyazono stating she wants to eat canelé. Kousei goes to the hospital and finds Kaori acting very cheery. She forces Kousei to bring her outside to eat her canelé. Outside, it's snowing, Kaori starts eating her canelé, when she suddenly announces that she will be going through with the surgery on February 18, the day of the piano competition. She speaks to Kousei about her struggling and how all performers are struggling. Kousei mentions that he hasn't touched a piano in a week, and that it would take a miracle for him to be able to play in his current condition. Kaori stands up and pretends to play the violin, preforming a solo, but when she finishes she falls to the ground. She tells Kousei, that her being able to play air violin was a miracle. The Eastern Japan Piano Competition has started, and so has Kaori's surgery.

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