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so.... did Arima won the contest?

REAL QUESTION HERE, since that contest is really important for Arima's career as a pianist, I wonder if he won or not, since Emi and Aiza was really good as well ( I remember they have been called genius and thought to myself: "you idiots don't know talent, my boy (main character) will show you talent" I think I sound a lot like those proud parents lol). mid way when Kaori was disappearing I think Arima's sound has a bit of fear in it, but in any case fear is also a strong emotion that can reach to ppl's heart as well.

They never mention the result of the contest in the anime, so I'm a bit curious. Seem like the story ends there, I think Kaori's death is inevitable and will have a lot of impact on Arima as a pianist, I like to think he will be great one day.

I got off topic again, sorry about that. Anyway, if anyone know anything, please tell me. thanks in advance.

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